About Sprout Inbound

Building Trust, One Customer At A Time.

Walter Mejia has always loved helping people. That became the foundation of Sprout Inbound.

The Mission

Growing a business does not have to mean you should be heartless. All humans crave kindness, respect, and value. We believe you can build a business on that foundation. Our goal is to help businesses build meaningful, lasting relationships with their customers. Because when you build trust, you build long-term success.

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The Name


Walter always felt that there was a better way of marketing a business. Annoyingly interrupting people with a pitch for a product or service wasn’t his idea of a successful approach.

In his research to better understand marketing, he stumbled across Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Methodology. He finally found a name for the method he was already using simply by helping people.

Growing businesses through this method became his mission. He focused on helping businesses to sprout by providing them valuable content, resources, and services to help them reach their goals. That’s when Sprout Inbound was born.

The History

Walter Mejia built his very first website in 2009 working for a web developer in Paris, Texas. They became friends ever since and continue to be. That was his first taste of the web development world.

Working with web design, development, social media, and marketing, he started to learn the do’s and don’ts of customer relations. He realized that people really just wanted a company they could trust. If you could build that kind of relationship, you would not need to sell them on your services. They would become your best advocates.

Taking that experience with him, in 2017 he and his family moved to California in order to care for family. This gave him the opportunity to start fresh with a business endeavor he had been working up to for years. Starting out as the IV Designer, he built his reputation in the Imperial Valley by building trust, one customer at a time.

As of 2020, during this great pandemic, he has renamed his company to Sprout Inbound. He wanted the name to truly represent all that his company has to offer: A better way to grow businesses…the inbound way. This pandemic has put the method to the test, showing once again a simple fact that every company can’t ignore: we are all human. Let’s build on that.

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